Can d'Uccles have 5 toes?


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12 Years
Jul 5, 2007
Sevier County, TN
Or do I have an extreme genetic flaw going on?
I thought I read somewhere that this trait shows up from time to time, but now I can't find that source

I have a really cute chick, 5 perfect toes on each foot, in a lovely orangey-pink...
Well, I know that the breed standard is for 4 toes. Doesn't look like 5 toes is a disqualifying factor, but still... Since I'm trying to raise show birds I guess I'll find my cutie a less picky home!

Both feet are perfectly 5-toed and she walks perfectly. So she's either a mutant or a throwback. My only rooster is a millie fleur d'uccle.
I do have a silkie cross hen, and could've marked the eggs wrong. But all the other chicks from the silkie cross x mille fleur roo are black and look just like their momma did when she was a chick.

My little mutant is a lovely golden brown like her d'Uccle momma when she was a chick!
% toes is definately a disqualification. Isn't listed as such with the breed description but under the general disqualifications [in the front of the standard] wrong # of toes is a disqualification.
I just got a d'uccle chick the other day from a Co-Op and just happened to notice that it had five toes. I got a a Silkie a few days earlier from the same place. The toes and placement are exactly the same on both. The first is my d'uccle, the second is the Silkie.


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