can ducks go to the vets?


10 Years
Oct 2, 2009
Obviously i dont want my ducks to have anything wrong with them but i was just wondering... if they ever got sick or anything like that would i just take them to the vets that my dog goes too, the only other animals i have ever seen in there is cats and rabbits i have never seen ducks lol im in the UK btw
yes they can but most vets wont take them. also it is very expencive. it cost me 1300.00 to get my ducks wing fixed that was broken by a dog bite and at the end of the surgery she died. ducks cant handle being put under well at all.
Ask your vet if they handle ducks or any poultry. Some do, some don't. Then, if they don't. call some others in the area and see if they do. It is better to know in advance of the need if you have a vet that you can call on.

I had an issue with my geese. Called my vet and was told that they did not handle poultry and no other vet in the area did either. Since I had already lost a couple of the geese, I kept calling and at the clinic that the vet students intern at, found the vet that takes care of the geese at the zoo. In a conversation with him, we figured out the problem and I was able to take care of the situation and although I had the needed meds on hand, I could have gotten some from him also.

So, if the vets do not handle poultry, check with any area zoos to see who takes care of the ducks, or whatever bird you have.

Universities that train vets are another option to check on. The one in my state is not too far away and the public has access to various types of care for all kinds of animals.

Sometimes just a phone call to find out the best meds can be the difference between life or death for the duck. But knowing in advance where you need to call can make all the difference in an emergency.
Do a search on Avian vets in your area. Should not be hard to get a listing from an internet search.
Call around and find an avian vet BEFORE you need one. Vet prices vary from area to area and practice to practice. Ask about fees and emergency care.
Really worth doing now before there is a crisis and you are frantic.
Hope you never need it though.
ducks can def go to vets, but only certain vets...

Most vets only see cats and dogs, but some avian vets will take ducks. Vets that cater to farmers usually see ducks too.

If you don't have a vet, or you can not find a vet that will see ducks, this is a good idea to keep in mind-

If your ducks needs immediate medical attention for an injury, like a broken wing or an animal bite/ predator attack, go ahead and bring it to an emergency vet place... Don't call ahead, because they might tell you they don't see ducks.... just bring your duck in. Most vets can at least help but cleaning wounds and sewing them up. They are more likely to just go ahead and see your animal esp. if there are other pet owners waiting. It's bad "press" to send away a bleeding injured animal. The way i see it, some help is better than no help... this is good if you're in a desperate situation and can not find help for your duck....

Of course i highly reccommend that research for a vet who sees ducks should be done before you have a problem, rather than wasting valuable time searching and calling when your ducks needs help.
Thankfully, I work for a vet and don't hesitate to take in my ducks, geese, chickens, Red Tailed Hawks, Bald Eagles, Turkey Vultures........ Usually it ends with all of us leafing thru his books for doses etc but when it comes to surgery, or euthanasias, it is like treating anything else. One of my ducks got attacked and ripped open by a RTH a couple of years ago. He was anaesthetized, intubated, sutured up and is still going strong. I am very lucky in this way, I know.

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