Can ducks have cholesterol problems?


9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
So, I have borderline-high cholesterol. It was just plain high before I cut back on eggs for a year or two, so the doctor said to stick with that plan. (I'm a vegetarian who gets at least the minimum of exercise, so there wasn't a lot else I could do, short of medication!) Recently I discovered egg substitute is a decent solution. I've found a couple of homemade low-cholesterol egg substitute recipes online, so I figure when I start getting eggs from my own ducks, I'll do that- the recipes are still based on egg whites. Unfortunately that leaves me with 2 yolks for every no-cholesterol 'egg' I want to eat. I hate the thought of throwing them out!
I have a few ideas for ways to use the extra yolks, but I was thinking, can I feed them back to my ducks regularly? I know general consensus is that you can feed back eggs in general to the ducks to give them some protein and nutrients back, but will it be a problem if it's a couple of (cooked) yolks a few times a week? Or could that give the ducks unhealthy cholesterol levels?
Its a good idea! They will be fine!
Glad to hear somebody thinks so (I wasn't even sure if I was explaining it right!). Anybody, anybody else?
Of all the research (online & books) I've done, I've not seen anything about cholesterol levels in ducks. I know their eggs are a bit higher in cholesterol than chicken eggs. I don't think it would hurt them, a number of people feed their duck, and chickens, cooked eggs regularly.

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