Can eggs hatch in the egg turner?

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6 Years
Sep 9, 2013
We have an incubator with an automatic egg turner. I have seen some Youtube videos where the eggs are hatched in the egg turner without being turned on their sides. Is this a good idea? We have two incubators and when it is time for lock down we move them to the second incubator. Can we just turn the egg turner off in the one and not move the eggs?

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Rather remove the tuner and lay the eggs down on their sides for the hatch. It will make the hatching process easier for the chicks and minimise risk of injuries and mishaps. Good luck with your hatch!
The chicks are more likely to hurt themselves when hatching in an egg turner. Especially if they have a yolk sack and it gets stuck in between the turner. I hatched my first batch without taking the egg turner out and I lost two out of the three hatched. One got its leg stuck and died before I realized they were hatching, and the other ripped off its yolk sack.

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