Can guineas get worms?

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by chickens~galore, Oct 28, 2009.

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    My neighbor gave me a guinea and this is my first guinea i have ever owned so i dont know much about them. So I was just wondering if someone could give me a little information about them. My biggest question right now is do they get worms? Do i need to worm them like chickens? If so, then with what?

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    Any animal can get worms yes even humans. I wouldn't worry about it unless you really notice a problem. I have never wormed any of our chickens or the few Guineas we have and have never lost one to worms.
  3. Round worms, just like chickens. I worm the crowd (Giuneas and Chickens) when the weather turns nasty and cold. They are usually hanging in the barn by then and I just go a round of Wazine. It is a safe and easy way to get it done.

    I look for worms after this and repeat if necessary. I ONLY do it ONCE a year now.

    I used to do it in the spring, but I gave it up.
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    Do you give the Wazine to each individual bird or can you just put it in their waterer??
  5. Quote:That's the beauty of it.

    I usually keep two 2 gallon galvenized waterers going. When I worm, I use just one waterer and I KNOW they are all gettting a drink. I keep the waterer "hot" for about 3 days.

    Just follow the direction on the lable of the wazine bottle. It is OK if they get too much over the three days. Avoid having little ones drink from it. I put up my chicks less than 5 weeks old. they are usually in the nursery anyhow, but I do get a few broodies that manage to hatch out a few in the fall.
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    That worming should be repeated in 10 days as that is the life cycle of round worms. Gotta kill the hatchlings.......Pop

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