Can hay be a source of mites?

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May 13, 2010
New Hampshire
I just read some comments on another thread that hay might be an avenue for a mite infestation. Does anyone know if that is true? I ended up with mites this spring and was all upset, and I do buy bales of hay occasionally at the feed store to give to my hens for nests.

Should I just stick with shavings?
I bought a batch of hay from a farm that raised various poultry, and did notice mites in the hay. They didn't seem to bother the pony, but they made me itch like mad. Hay, especially old, can harbor all kinds of fun little pals
Not sure if its a source but i used hay for the first time this year and actually had a mite problem. I ended up having to remove all the hay and move it far far away to compost. Everything had to be treated with 7 dust and DE. I went from having nothing to within 2 weeks of putting hay in for the winter having an out of control problem. It took major effort to get it under control. The other bad part. I never had mice before but I had them in the hay. They hay is not as easy to stir up as the shavings were which I think caused issues and it retained tons of moister too.

Regular use of DE, even in the winter, is your best bet to keep those kinds of thigns at bay. I add DE and sometimes 7 dust into their dust bath as a preventative.

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