Can Hens Get Clogged Up?

Ramblin Rose

11 Years
Mar 10, 2008
I have 3 young hens, bought them last year (spring), and I have one older hen laying and one younger hen sitting, but not laying and the other young hen is just watching with amusement as the other two fight for the same spot. I thought I had heard at one time that sometimes they get clogged up and you have to unclog them. Has anyone else heard of this malady? The other hen seems like she's bulging and needs to lay. And yes, I do have a rooster, bought at the same time.
yes, in a way. She could be egg-bound. Do a little research on it and see if it fits your hen. I hope she's just waiting!
The only time i had a hen egg bound was when put in a cage (and she wasn't used to a cage).

I wouldn't worry about a hen waiting for a free nest. Wild birds hold the egg untill the coast is clear to go drop it in the nest. (before sitting on a clutch)


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