Can I add guineas to an established flock?

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    I have 8 pullets, one goose and one gander - all are around 6 mos, can I add guineas? Should I get older ones so they can all share the same food? and so they can defend themselves better? Can they all share the same food? I give the geese and chicks 16% chicken pellets. How should I introduce them all? I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times on this index, but I already sit here and read all day as it is [​IMG]
    I haven't had guinea's in such a long time that I have forgotten e/thing, if I ever knew it?? I just remember absolute love for the guinea species, funny, funny - so now that our dog is too old to eat my other pets, I want some more.

    Please, any and all advise is appreciated. jennifer [​IMG]
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    As with any new introductions you will have to take the steps necessary to introduce and safe guard the new additions.
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    Most will tell you that you need to introduce in a specific way - something like cages where they can see their new friends for a while or separate pens, etc.

    I'm going out on a limb, exposing myself and saying I've never done that at all and (I guess luckily) never had a problem in the 5 yrs we've had our birds.

    When I get new birds, I just lock everyone in (ours are allowed to free range when we get home and on weekends) for 2 days and let them all adjust. Am I asking for trouble? Maybe, but so far this has worked for me. I think you can easily add guineas to your flock. They can eat whatever the chickens have unless you want to specifically feed them game fowl feed, but that's not neccessary. Do you let your flock free range? If so, even better. The guineas will fill up on bugs and ticks and eat less grain!

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