Can I add just one pullet?


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Nov 5, 2021
Texas, Coastal Bend
1 of my 3 bantams ended up a roo but we love him so we just have a tiny rooster. Is it a bad idea to add just 1 more pullet or do I need to add 2? The 3 I have are about 6 months.

Also, none of our 3 really like to be held. The roo did till he started getting teenage grumpy but the 2 pullets absolutely hate being held, my son (12) really wants to sit on the ground with a chicken on his lap and mine are not even a little bit interested in anything but food. Is there a trick to getting hens that will like to be held or petted?
Chickens are individuals, some like being pets, most do not. You can try quietly sitting or offer treats for them to calm a little but it won't garantee friendly birds. But not the rooster, completely ignore him so there's less of a chance of him getting too bold with you.
Actually, most people recommend at least 8 or more hens per male, so you might need a few more. :]

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