can I brood chicks back to back?


10 Years
Oct 16, 2009
Berkeley, CA
I'm planning on brooding two batches of chicks, back to back in the same brooder. The brooder can be divided into 2 chambers, large and small. There may be 1 week of overlap during which each batch will go in it's own chamber (new chicks in the small chamber). Then I'll give the second batch access to the entire unit. There will be 1sqft per chick at all times after the first week. Can anyone forsee any problems with this plan or offer advice on things to do to help it be a success. Thanks!
I had a brooder that was about 1sf per chick. It wasn't bad - it did get a little cramped after a few weeks. I also had it divided for 2 groups, a staggered hatch a week apart. It was the best I could do. I ended up getting a piece of linoleum for the floor, and some hardware cloth as a fence to give them more room. ( they were set up in my spare bedroom).BUT, they were in the brooder till they were 7 weeks old, so they needed more space by then.

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