Can I brood different ages together?


May 17, 2022
I have a two day old (very screamy and needy), two content 3 week olds (anxious about the screaming), and a sassy 9 week old(brother had to be put down a week ago). Each age group is in different brooder right next to each other. Would it be too risky to put the 2 day old in with the three week olds? The older ones are on a mixture of medicated feed. I know peachicks are needy, but I’ve never had one cry incessantly for hours, until he is picked up/allowed to peek down at the other chicks, before. Any ideas? Turning the tv way up just don’t cover that pitch.
Mixing two to three week old chicks is usually no problem but when you mix just one chick it can be, you have to watch them closely. When we mix we try to 'bum rush' them with overwhelming numbers, that way they don't know who is new or who to pick on.
I would not do it. Many times the older chicks will pick on the younger ones. I personally never introduce new chicks to any group that is more than 2 weeks older. When I introduce newer chicks into a brooder with similarly aged birds I always do it in groups so that no one chick is getting picked on.

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