Can I clean off a just hatched chick?


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Sep 1, 2009
Big Clifty
I have a just hatched chick that is covered in sticky stuff. I was wondering if I could wipe it off with a warm, wet washrag. Any ideas? Do I put it in the brooder after cleaning or back in the hatcher?
i have heard and read that your not supposed to open the incubator until the hatch is over... why? what will happen, and what if you have a couple of chicks ready to get out of the incubator but others are still hatching? New at this...
I have opened the incubator multiple times to take chicks out and put them in the brooder. I have had no problems with the others hatching. I just spray warm water over the eggs when I open the lid and only open it for a second. Some say do not open it. Others say not opening it is overrated as long as you spray the eggs.

As far as the one chick I asked about, I know they normally dry off on their own, but this one is exceptionally sticky, not like the others that have hatched. Do I still leave it in there even being this sticky?
I had one that after dry and taken out of the bator it had like dried glue(or gel) on its back and head, I called it 'Number 4 has a comb-over!!'. It also had a slight problems with a bloody 'belly button' just after hatch. I looked in the egg it came from and there was like Goo, yellowish clear funk in the bottom(about a Tbls worth). It lived and I waited a couple days to see if it would crust off on its own.. It didn't, so I used a papertowel in warm water to break some of it up, then made sure he went right under the brooder light to stay warm.

But I would wait til he's dry and see if it comes off on its own first! After drying they will have all this white 'dander' flying off of them! Then they'll become the fluff balls you see in pics!!!

I took chicks out of my bator daily, quickly. It didn't mess up the humidity too bad and they didn't have that much trouble hatching! I guess this one's up for debate though! (I also candled daily and had 15 of 17 hatch) So I would see what method you like best!!
Thanks for the input. The chick looks like it dried off okay on it's own! I candled mine almost daily too and opened the incubator a lot. Hatching is still going well. I guess I shouldn't be so paranoid next time!
Congrats on the hatch!!!
My little 'chicken nuggets' are 3 weeks old now!! Time flies!!! Have fun!!!!!

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