can I coop them together?


8 Years
Mar 25, 2015
Placer County, CA
Hi, I have (4) 7-week old chicks and (4) 3-week old chicks. I stapled garden netting down the middle of the coop so that they are separated at night. On the "baby" side i have a heat lamp and a box with bedding. The older ones sleep on a roost.

Because of our mild weather, the babies have been in the chicken run with the older ones for about 6 hours a day. The two groups stay away from eachother for the most part, though ocassionally one big one will run over to a little one if she sees the little with something in her mouth. No pecking that i have seen, just feather fluffing really.

When do you think it would be okay to remove the netting in the coop? I cannot clean the coop as easily when separated because i lose the use of one door. And i would love the littles to try out the chicken ramp that the olders use. I just worry that if there is some bullying the littles won't really be able to get away.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Now. If they are getting along in the run during the day without issues, and the older ones are sleeping on the roosts, they will be alright. If you want you could make a hide by leaning something against a wall or some other thing for the littles to get away from the older ones. But it sounds as if you really don't need it.
Agree, take the netting down now. It's not serving any purpose. Hiding places are always good to have, so be sure there are a few and you're good to go.
Take it down, I just joined my 4 week old with my 9 week olds, have a piece of plywood leaned against one side to give little ones a hiding spot, except at breakfast they leave each other alone. Big ones make sure they eat first.
Thanks! I will remove the netting tomorrow. Do you think 3 week old chicks are too young to use the ramp? It is not very steep and the rungs are only 4 or so inches apart.

i am wondering if they may need to go back into the coop earlier than the big ones if it gets chilly in the evening And i turn on the heat lamp.
Thank you. Do you still use heat for the 4 week old in the coop? If so, does your 4 week old just go into the coop on her own when it gets chilly in the evening?
First night, I picked them up and put them in the coop. Second night, my 4 week old just go in the coop following the big ones at night no heat, but i don't have a ramp. Mine is a three sided shed with a long roost pole and roost ladder. They all just snuggle together at night. Our nights are about 45-55 degrees.
They can handle the ramp. The question is will they. One of my broody had her's on the roosts at three weeks during the day and that ramp is steep.

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