Can I correct wing issues?


12 Years
Jan 3, 2008
I have some cortunix quail chicks that are about 1 week old and getting their wing feathers in.

The problem is that two of the chicks have feathers that come out instead of laying flat against their bodies.
I have seen this condition in ducks and geese at the park, and I thought I had read that it can be corrected, but if so, I can't remember how.

Does anyone know of this condition? (even if it is in a bird other than quail)
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If im correct is this called angle wing ? I had a goose with it and she lived normal just i kept clipping to the bent part back with siccors ,"just the feather" and it dint look so bad. But sadly we lost her to a bobcat.
Yes, the condition is known as angel wing. Some types of birds are more prone to it than others.

If they are young enough, you may be able to tape or vet wrap the wings down for a while, to see if that helps them stay in position. However, it may be very likely that the wings will stay like that. These birds are great as pets, but I usually don't recommend using them in a breeding program.

Good luck with your birds!
True think the trait will be passed through genes, if plans were to use "it" for breeding stock maby not a good idea, maby pet? or cull
You can use vet wrap or a nylon stocking to keep the wing in place. Fold the win in the correct positiona dn vet wrap firmly but loos enough to allow breathing and only to the affected wing. For the stocking, cut a hole large enough for the good wing to be free.
Take the wrap off every few days for a few minutes for the chick to exercise the wing and rewrap. It should take a couple weeks fo reform the wing back into place. This is most successfully done while very young. Once they hit adulthood, it usually cannot be fixed.

Angel wing can be genetic, but most often we see it as a result of feed too high in protein. If you think the feed is the case, lower the protein by cutting it with scratch or changing to a lower protein feed.
Thanks guys,
I'll try the nylons tonight, It's both wings, will this cause the chicks balance problems?

Terrielacy -The feed I have been using is some game bird starter, about 24% protien.
I have started to mix it with regular chick starter since I have read your post, will this be okay?
They need the protein for a couple weeks at least. I would say this cause is genetic, but that is just an opinion based on the chicks' age.

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