Can I cut feathers from a bantam infested with lice before treatment?

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  1. arianna

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    Today I bought from a poultry auction, a 1 year old cochin, and unfortunately she has lice. All my other chickens are very clean and healthy so I want to make sure that this one will not infest any of my girls. She is very pretty, and I want to try to keep her. I have a book about how to treat the lice and I'm going to get the powder tomorrow, but I would like to know if I cut all the feathers (as close as possible to the skin because she has lots of feathers) and then treat her with the powder to make sure she has no lice or eggs left on her (and I'm thinking to just cover her with a sweater), will her feathers grow back?
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    No, if you cut the feathers they will not grow back until she molts. If you pluck the feathers out and get all the shaft out, they will probably grow back before her regular molt.
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    i wouldnt be introducing a 'new' unquarantined hen to your flock without her sitting in quarantine for a few weeks to make sure shes not harbouring any nasty disease/illness. given that she should be placed in quarantine, you can treat the lice there. (why on earth do you want to cut her feathers off..i dont understand?)
    just dust her with the powder, parting the feathers as you go along, or put the powder in a pillowcase, put chicken inpillowcase (with head sticking out top) and ruffle it round to distribute the powder! quick and easily done
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    Quote:The reason I was thinking to cut her feathers off is because she has a very thick coat of feathers and I am concern that the powder will not reach every where and lice eggs will remain on the chicken. I am just very scared that even after few weeks of quarantine and treatment to still have lice without knowing and risk exposing my other bantams to it (they are almost like babies to me).
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    I would'nt cut the feathers off. It will take a long time for the feathers to grow back and you might have some birds that just love picking new feather growth.
    I gave a hen a bath last week with flea and tick shampoo for puppies and after she was dry, dusted her with Seven dust. She is healthy looking great. Try that first before you cut her feathers. Hope that helps. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Now thats what I would do too! do NOT cut those feathers off-please:)

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