Can I entice escapees to come home?

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by sdshoars, Aug 16, 2013.

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    May 12, 2008
    We got five 12 week old guineas on Wednesday... Last night we put them in a makeshift enclosure and they got out. We caught two but the other three got too high up in a tree for us to catch them. Will they come back bc the other two are there? I am going to buy a net and stuff to make sure they don't get out, abs other than leaving food out, is there anything to entice them back??
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    They might come back to the other 2, hopefully at least one of the remaining 2 is a Hen and is calling to the others... that can help draw them in and at least sticking around. Have you heard any buck-wheating from them since the others took off? Since you just got them a couple days ago and they have no idea where they are, if they took off out of earshot they may be long gone, in search of their old home tho. Guineas can wander far, and if things keep spooking or chasing them along they way they usually keep on going. Is there anyone with poultry around your property? If so, your missing Guineas may hear the poultry and show up to join the flock, so you may want to put the word out that you have 3 runaways. If they are still hanging around your property but won't let you catch them the best/easiest time to try and catch them is at night in the dark... Guineas are for the most part blind in the dark and usually stay where they land or won't go very far when they are "gently persuaded" from their roosting spot (if you can get to them). Guineas hate being caught/held, so be ready to expect an explosion from them.

    Good luck, hope you are able to find and catch them.

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