Can I feed an old thin chicken suet pellets?

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    Most of you are going to look at this and think I'm stupid, but I've got a battery hen that we rescued about 7 years ago. She sleeps on her own in a roosting box where as all the others sleep cuddled up together away from her, she's quite thin and I was going to get a chicken coat for her so she doesn't die from cold, but I was told my family that it would be cruel to pro long her life but I don't want to let her die painfully and having her neck snapped just isn't an option to consider.shes still got life on her and has a good quality of life, so could I feed her a few fat pellets in with her diet to get her to put some weight on?
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    Good for you for wanting to give an old timer a good quality of life. If you want to add extra calories to her diet, try feeding those small black sunflower seeds commonly call BOSS around here-shelled ones are even better. Cooked oatmeal, cooked grits are also a good way to add calories. Some folks feed yogurt, but I'm wary of adding too much sugar a chicken's diet-you may end up with a sour crop. Chances are your old girl is dealing with major organ challenges and will appreciate food that is partially broken down so stay away from things like whole corn, whole wheat and so forth.

    Adding animal fat to an elderly chicken may cause her liver to shut down so the best thing you can do for her is spoil her with cooked oatmeal, cooked grits, and she may enjoy a few crumbles of corn bread. Don't be afraid to round out her diet with greens-you can cook them for her, too! Spinach and kale are excellent to start with.

    Remember to do these changes in moderation. She what she enjoys and spoil her with small amounts of her favorites. At her age she's earned her moment in the spot light..
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    Not stupid. We have an almost 8-year-old rooster who had a stroke last summer. He is now in his own coop along with a hen that was brutally attacked by a stray dog. She survived but I'll never let another rooster mount her because I'm afraid her "new" skin that grew back won't be thick enough. She also hasn't laid an egg since the attack last August.

    Anyway, Rocky, our rooster has lost weight but seems to be happy and in no pain. Every day he and Hope (the hen) get a dish of grits or oatmeal mixed with flock raiser, or even just a scrambled egg.

    They both earned the right to live out their lives in peace. They have good quality of life and the extras help to keep Rocky's weight up.

    Good for you! I know I'm an old softy, but I'd hate to have Rocky for dinner!

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