Can I feed my chicken just whole corn.

Trust me I know how you feel. Mine go through feed like CRAZY!! Not to mention my other animals. I’m in the feedstore bi-weekly buying almost $60 worth of poultry feed. Then an additional $10 for crickets (again, bi-weekly) for my reptiles. I don’t have to buy food for my rabbit as often. I cant free range my chickens because my guineas attack them and chase them in the woods. So I guess there are no money-saving options for me :lol:
Some times feed get wasted because the fling it out of the feeder. Treble feeders work well for this, I have a Grandpas feeder and I haven't had any wasted feed since I got it! I love mine, a anti pricey, but I think it is worth it!
Ya know... I’d never thought about this. Did you order yours or did you buy it in store?

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