Can I free 2 Muscovy ducks?


5 Years
Sep 30, 2014
Hello, I met someone who is going to eat 2 muscovy ducks but is willing for me to take them.I want to take them and free them.Can they survive? I live in the temperate climate of BC Canada. I hear they are hearty ducks.

Not asking about legality, I am asking if these ducks will be ok at a local pond?

Thank you
They'd fair better than other duck species that can fly but my answer is going to be no. They were raised in captivity and have no clue about how to survive and find food in the wild. They need humans to provide for them. They are not going to know to fly to other areas when it gets cold and food is scarce and they will be bad at avoiding predators. They would certainly do better than a pekin or a flightless breed, or any breed that is more domesticated, but it's still not fair to them. It's not even guaranteed that they can fly if their current owner has clipped their wings or pinioned them. Plus it would be very bad for the local wild fowl population as these two ducks could be carrying diseases that they could introduce. And I'm not sure about the laws up there, but yes, it probably is illegal to release a foreign species that could, possibly, survive, start reproducing, and outcompete the local wildlife. If caught you will probably face legal repercussions.
Maybe. A lot would depend upon predator load, feed availability , and whether or not the open water freezes. The odds would be stacked against them.
Well, they can be fed grain a few times a week through the winter (I will go do that) and our waters rarely freeze.They can roost in the undergrowth.It wouldn't be much better at someones outdoor shelter or roost.
Its this is having their heads chopped off. Im in a real dilemma
Even if you feed them, they are still very vulnerable to death by predator, which most times is a lot more unpleasant than a quick death at the hands of the human who is going to eat them. Plus, if they can fly, they might fly away. Then no one is feeding them wherever they end up. Is there a reason you can't keep them with you in a secure coop and run? They would be much better off.
I have several but only the females remained the males had flown off about a year ago. But now and then they come back to visit their friends. I have other ducks some mixed with the Muscovy so it keeps the happy momma's around. They can care for themselves as long as they can get to water. As far as safe from predators they will be like any other wild animal as long as their wings were not cut. Your local pond or park may take them as the parks department. They are a wild bird buy nature placed with wilder ducks they would learn quickly Best of luck
Thank you very much for everyone input.We cant take them because we are not set-up for birds at all.No roost, locking barn and no water source.We have no plan for birds and are more set up for barn animals.Were looking at two alpacas right now.

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