can I get by with this trick twice?


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Nov 9, 2009
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about two weeks ago, I had two geese sitting on two nests. One goose had 4 eggs and the other had 4. 3 babies hatched and mom sat on babies for 1 day and then she took them out with the rest of the flock, abandoning her other egg and the other goose went with her and never came back. It was warm, so I wanted about 6 hours and took the remaining 5 eggs to the bator. about 3 days passed and the one from the first goose hatched. I tried to give this baby to the two moms and they wouldnt take it. I took all 4 babies and put them in the porch for the whole day and when I took them back to the moms, they gladly accepted all four. They are aobut two weeks old. In the meantime, I had a bunch of quail eggs in teh bator ready for lockdown and not needing that 10 minute cooldown period a these poor goose eggs have just been in tehre. the humidity was way us. I did give them a quick spay of water every few days. I never dreamed they would ever hatch after all the neglect. they didnt even get turned most of the time. now I find two of them in the eggs cheeping away. Iknow this doenst mean they will hatch, but now I am invested and care.. If they do hatch, do you think I can get by with bringing the two week olds in for the day and then putting them all out there and see if the moms will take them.. I really do NOT want to raise any more babies. I have baby quail.. (hatched yesterday) and a baby turkey on the porch. Don't want anymore......

Bawk Vader

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I wish I was still up in the Joplin, MO area I would offer to give them a home for you. I know that the taking chicks from momma's and then give them back with new babies has worked for us with chickens.

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