Can I give my 3 week old silkies a hard boiled egg?


Mar 6, 2018
One of my chicks kept chirping last night and just didn’t seem to happy... I had given them meal worms and let them play in a sand/peat dust bath for grit. She is pooping just fine and her vent is clear. I was just wondering if I could give them an egg today just in case she’s lacking protein. She is also smaller than my other chick but feathering much faster!
Eggs are brilliant to give chicks or chickens for extra protein. Boiled and chopped up is fine. I wonder if the little unhappy chick wasn't warm enough?
You guys are awesome! I’m thinking your right about maybe her not being warm enough because I got her out and held her and she fell asleep! I’m using an ecoglow and not a heat lamp maybe I just need to show he to go under it when she’s acting that way

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