Can I give yogurt, electrolytes, egg yolk, when treating w/ Corid ?


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Hi-- I have a 7-8 wk old maran baby. She developed bloody poop 2 days ago (wednesday), I read up on illnesses here & concluded it was most likely Coccidiosis It was late, so I gave her plain yogurt until I could get med in morning. Thursday morning , she was a bit lethargic & fluffed, but poop was not straight blood as it had looked on Wed. Late that morning I gave her, and my 3 other chicks w/ no symptoms, Corid. I could only get Powder Mixed 1/2 teaspoon w/ I gallon water. sh seemed much perkier & ate quite a lot. However, this morning she seems lethargic again , all fluffed up. she didn't eat or drink. I gave her some of the cordid water mixture in a dropper & she did drink that. She still is fluffed, standing under heat lamp shivering & "crying" :`(( Is I think I read some where you shouldn't give certain foods when the are on Corid--but now cant find the info? I was wondering about any of the items listed in the subject line. Or any other suggestions!!
Thanks you !


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With the Corrid, one tsp per gallon is the treatment. 1/2 tsp is preventative. I would give her anything she will eat, and I , too, did give sick youngsters some by spoon, trying to get them to drink some. Or a syringe, and dribble on the side of their beak. Mine perked up quickly with that.

Try some chick feed mush. I think the only thing you withhold with Corid is vitamins.

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