can I have a silkie incubate quail eggs? and a few other questions.


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I know you shouldn't house chickens and quail together but I am wondering if I can get a few silkies to keep for incubating my quail eggs? I thought about just keeping some fertile quail eggs on hand until the silkies go broody, then just let them hatch those. If this would work how long could I leave the chicks with the silkie? I don't have either birds yet but I'm looking into both. Also is there any way to house just one silkie with my quail? If I could also get some breed recommendations while I'm posting...
I have a 2' X 3' wire bottom hutch and plan on putting 2 external nest boxes and a run on it. I want the run to be 3' X 6' and about 4 foot high. What breed would be best for this setup and how many could I house in here? Also whatever breed you recommend, would they enjoy fresh grass? I can make it a tractor or stationary. I'm still at the very beginning of research so any help would be great! Thanks.
wow, thanks for sharing that. I didn't know that chickens could be a carrier and not show signs themselves. So that is out. I guess I'll not be lazy and go look for an incubator.

Now that is answered does anyone have a breed recommendation and numbers?
Yup! Coturnix are a great quail species to start with. As long as you don't really want to raise Zambian gutter snipes.

I know this is controversial on this board, but if you have chickens.....don't look at or even point at my quail!

Coturnix are as hatch-able as any game bird or chicken.
They are very crazy brooder friendly compared to most game birds/quail. I tend to get a 90%+ brooder to grow out pen.
They do not achieve 12-14 oz. at 8 weeks! Unless you are raising 2 on a totally messed up diet!
They are also no good for game bird dog training!

Still lovely, useful, birds I can't do without! I don't "Hatch" around and I don't make stuff up about weights, meat color, or what they taste like.

They taste like "COTURNIX"....nothing more! They also lay eggs like no ones like no ones business!!!!!

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