can i increase production with what i have already got?

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  1. here are the mesurements of my chicken coop. i have 9 chickens and two roosters, one i'm going to get rid of.


    1 1200x1300 mm = 1.56 m squared
    2 1470x700 mm = 1.029 m squared

    water troughs

    automatic trough 400x200 = 0.08 m squared
    half cut drum 340x200 = 0.068 m squared
    approx 22 litres a week


    3x 300x 250mm = 0.075
    = 0.0225
    round feeder
    60 mm radius

    covered area with above

    2x 1250x1200=
    16.252 m squared

    permanat run 9000x300= 27 m squared

    total area available to chickens 9000x6020=36.12 m squared

    can i expand my numbers and how many can i have
    most likely i can not build more space
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    First I don't know how these measurements will affect how you read this but I can tell you in inches and feet.

    From what I have read and followed, a chicken needs approximately 4 square feet per bird for the inside of your coop. It is recommended that if your birds are not free range, that they should have approximately 10 square feet per bird for the run.

    So in these terms- 10 birds x 4 square feet each - your coop needs to be roughly 40 square feet. For the permanent outside run- 10 birds x 10 square feet.

    Hope this helps. - Ken
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    Quote:I did this with an online converter but I'm not sure how accurate it is.
  4. thanks for the conversions. i'm not really all that adapted to ft. just meters and millemeters
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    Hi cluckin tractor, CoyoteMagic gave the English conversions so that you can decide for your self if you have enough space. With the advice from KenLamWV, you know you need 4 square feet/bird of coop space and 10 square feet/bird of run space. It's a bit unclear from your description but if we assume that the coop space is 16.25 m squared (175 sq feet), then your coop is large enough to hold 43 birds. If your run is 27m sq. (291 sq. feet) you should have enough space for 29 birds. What I'm uncertain about is why coop space and run space don't add up to the total space. However, if we just look at your total space (assuming this is coop and run combined) of 36.12 m sq. (389 sq. feet), then you should have only about 28 birds (using 14 sq. feet per bird, coop + run requirements). It sounds like you could add another 20 birds. Of course chicken math will throw an entirely new wrench into the calculations. I hope this helps.
  6. i don't know if i'm mesuring it right. length x bredth is what i'm using. i mesured it with a tape mesurer and from millemeters i converted it to meters.
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    I'm a bit confused [​IMG] So is the housing (shelter) part of your coop 16 meters x 16 meters??? I think if you give us the length and width (bredth) of your housing and your run in linear METERS only we will better be able to help you. Or at least I
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  8. Quote:I did this with an online converter but I'm not sure how accurate it is.

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