Can I introduce new chicks to a bantam rooster?

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  1. I have 1 bantam rooster who is pretty easy going and 1 bantam hen and 1 plymoth rock. My rock picks on my bantam hen and is clearly the Top hen. Anyway, my 4 week old chicks, (2 cochins, I think, and 4 red pullets) are currently in a coop next door to the older ones. I have no idea at this point whether my cochins? are hens or roos. When is it time to intermingle everyone and will my bantam rooster be okay with the new girls? I'm also afraid that my Top hen will be pretty mean to the new girls when mingled due to her pecking at my bantam hen. I let the older ones out to free range a couple of hours a day when I am home, so I'm wondering if I should let them out to free range with the 2 yr olds when they are ready which I'm gathering is about 8 weeks old. Any experience or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
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    Slowly introduce them, the bigger hens are more likely to attack them for pecking order than the roo. The roo will try to invite the chicks into the flock. Give them much space also, I have a big JG hen who hates the young Buff Orp, she'll attack her, so make sure they have space to run from the hen. But if they are being attacked too much separate them so the new guys don't get stressed out.

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