Can I introduce new layers to flock that has mothers with chicks??

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    Sep 16, 2012
    Hello Everyone, I wanted to ask the question about introducing new layers to a flock that has mothers and chicks.

    With a great amount of help from my father I expanded the run area of my coop so I can get more egg laying hens. Right now the run is done and I am to the point where I can get new egg laying hens but at this time I have two Rhode Island Reds each with a chick that is just a few weeks old.

    Flock has three hens and Joe my rooster, what I wanted to do is get three new egg laying hens, would it be a problem to add the new hens now? or should I wait till the chicks are bigger.

    Be advised the roosting part of the coop will be shared with all the chickens plus chicks.

    Thank you for any advise :)
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  2. Den in Penn

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    If the mothers are still protecting the chicks and you have a lot of space, it could be done now. I think it would better to wait a bit. Quarantine the new birds, give them a couple more weeks introduction through a wire partition. That would make the chicks say around 12 weeks and able to look after themselves during the integration.

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