Can I keep 2 Old English Game Bantams together.


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Jul 3, 2016
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My Coop
My Coop
25x5 = 125
20x3 = 60

185 sqft needed

200 is what u got. Yes; it could work… but damn thats tight quarters. Also once u put feeders, waterers, coop in that space…
Should be 10 sq ft per standard bird minimum, and roosters will take more room regardless of breed, especially if they start fighting.

25 barred rocks alone is 250 sq ft, and that's NOT counting space for integration either.

Even if the bantams take half that, you're looking at 250 (25 birds x 10 sq ft) + 100 (20 birds x 5 sq ft) + 100? (nebulous integration space and extra space to account for roosters) = 450 sq ft minimum for starters.

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