Can I keep a bantam chicken with two ducks?


Nov 22, 2014
Alberta, Canada
I had to build a new coop for my male mallard because he was getting attacked really bad by his flock, he’s now happy with a new female. However now I’m having the same problem with my chickens. My bantam is getting attacked by my barred rocks and I’m wondering if my bantam can live with my two ducks. My mallard is 8 so he’s not a young guy and my bantam is 4. So they aren’t as easily adaptable as if they were young birds but I’m just running out of ideas. I can’t build another coop cuz that would be 4 coops now.

Duck mommy 2019

Apr 1, 2019
If a drake tries to mate with a chicken, he can kill them. I would not keep them together.
they said he’s 8 and drakes settle down as they get older, try it out. the only thing i would worry about is putting roosters and drakes together but everything else can work out

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