Can I keep my ducks in the cold?


Aug 16, 2021
Please give up these ducklings to someone who can provide proper care and nutrition for them.

Contact your state group in backyard chickens. There will be plenty of people willing to give them a good home

All ducklings deserve decent, clean, warm accommodation with room to move around. A box on a balcony is NOT enough and now the temperatures are falling, it is cruel to leave them in the cold in a box.

If you lived near me [I'm in NE Florida] I would be there as soon as you called
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Jun 12, 2018
Seneca Falls, NY
With proper nutrition ducklings can be decently feathered out by 6 weeks (the wings won’t be grown in but mostly grown), but without proper proteins and vitamins their growing will be stunted. This means it could really take them much longer to feather out which means longer times in the cold and without proper instulation from the cold they will really be at risk of getting sick. This is even higher because these duckling are in the cold without a way to keep heat in or even heat from a heat source.

You are also going to have to really consider where the ducklings are going to live and eat because the longer we go into fall they aren’t going to be able to find things to eat from foraging as much. While full grown ducks can take the cold they will still need bedding and a structure that will keep wind, rain and snow off them.

please seriously consider if you or your parents will allow you to care for these ducks. If there is and any doubt I would suggest really finding someplace that can take proper care them because to be honest there is nothing more heartbreaking than realizing their is a problem with your ducks that you could have prevented or finding a duck that has passed.

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