Can I keep my hatched out pullets that would possibly end up breeding with their fathers again?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by connor97, Jan 23, 2013.

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    This is me just fantasizing about my future when I get my farm and large flock of chickens. Ahhh one day. [​IMG]

    Anyway, say I had a flock of about 100 hens with about 5-10 roosters. Would it be okay to keep the pullets from the chicks they hatch and add them to the flock, and hatch out their chicks and keep those pullets and so on so on....
    Most likely some of the pullets would end up mating with their fathers again, so would the babies be all deformed/weak etc.. or is it okay for them to sometimes mate with their relatives?

    Thanks ! :)
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    Stastically the chance of a pullet mating with her father would be somewhat reduced, but even if it happened there would be no deleterious results. Chickens are very frequently line/inbred for many generations to set desired type and characteristics.
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    I'm pretty sure there's some inbreeding going on within my flock, as the dominant rooster (and father of my very first GrandChick) is still quite active with ALL the ladies. She's in the flock and has been laying for about two and a half years. There are other roosters in the flock and I have seen Carl covering his daughter; I haven't felt the need to try to stop him.

    Of course, I'm not into breeding chickens, just keeping them. Some of Samantha's eggs have occasionally hatched (by another hen) and none of her chicks had deformities. As a matter of fact, Samantha had an overgrown top portion of her beak, really long and curled u 'til she snapped the long bit off two months ago. No chicks have hatched with or developed that deformity.

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