Can I make high protein food for ducks at home?

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  1. Hi everyone I can only get one kind of chicken food and I have four broody ducks and I have had other broody ducks before and they are still pale where it's red and aren't laying! I was wondering whether it's possible to make high fat and protein food for my ducks to prevent them from getting unhealthy?
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  2. Making a balanced diet is not really easy, but you can supplement a commercial feed pretty easy...

    Adding brewers yeast will bump the protein up as well as give a huge vitamin pack
    Adding fish meal will give a huge protein boost as well as fats
    Adding Soymeal, Cornmeal, Cottonsead meal, hemps seeds, pea will give you a protein boost as well

    You have to work the math of what amount to supplement based on your existing food and the supplement of choice as well as your target protein levels...
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  3. Thanks! Is brewers yeast the same as ordinary yeast?
  4. Thanks! Can I give them powdered milk for protein and calcium?
  5. I'm planning on making just a sloppy protein meal! I'm thinking of having brewers yeast, powdered milk, water, maybe butter, egg and oyster shell all mashed up into a paste! Is that alright? And should I put some garlic in?

  6. Sure, but it's not real cost effective...
  7. Yeah I just have heaps left over from camping!
  8. I have got brewers yeast! I'm going to have eggshells as well!

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