Can I manage my neighbors instead?


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Mar 14, 2009
Perhaps this is the wrong forum but... I have a gripe. I live in rural Ok and we bought property with some restrictions but as long as we don't sell things from our livestock we can have pets for PERSONAL use.

When I talked my husband into moving into the country I made him promise that I could have chickens. It was an easy sell because he loves breakfast (fresh eggs being the key ingredient). So, my neighbors and I start chatting and I tell them I'm getting chickens....WOW you would have thought I spit on them. They said we have a hard enough time keeping our dog in our yard now and your going to do that..

Well, might I add that this dog almost got shot by me last year for cornering me in my garage and grabbing my dog by the neck and shaking it like a rag doll. He is a 120lb huskie and Weighs more then me.

ANYWAY, we have 10.5 acres and if I want chickens it is my right.. THEY are the ones with the problem. Right? Shouldn't it be their responsibility to cage or fence their animal?

OK rant over.. Please let me know if you have had similar Neighbor issues and how you dealt with them.




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Aug 21, 2008
Land of OZ
All I can say is I wish you the best of luck!!! Build a secured run and coop and hope for the best. Don't let the neighbors dog spoil it for you.


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Nov 12, 2008
Hooker, OK
Never had issues but I can say this...that would be one dead dog. The current discussion never would have happened because at the first growl in the garage he would have recieved an intercranal lead injection! Bite one of my dogs! Somebody would have recieved said dog in a wheelbarrow dumped on their porch! Shoot the thing! It is totally their job to keep it penned....better yet...let it come on to your property and let it kill some birds...oops those were champion breeding birds worth $500 each. I would like that in one lump some please along with a pound of your flesh! I will rant with you!

Have you checked out the okie thread? We are having a swap soon


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Jan 9, 2009
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I'd say its their job to restrain their dog. He shouldn't be running on your property. You say you have 10.5 acres! WOW, aren't you lucky!
Wish I could say the same. People can be very strange about chickens, but where you live, seems unnatural?
I hope for your sake, they don't raise a stink about them, even though it is your property, you know how neighbors can be. I just showed animal control where I keep my hens, he didn't see anything wrong with it at all, but understand, our city says, "no chickens". I told him I was going to the commissioners meeting tomorrow evening and going to broach the subject, they are my pets. He even gave me some tips. I wish you the best, because life is hard enough, without the petty things thrown in your face, huh?


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Oct 20, 2008
They are totally responsible for their dog, they need to put a fence up or the invisable fence. Esp if this dog has aggression issues, ONE time that dog would grab mine and he'd be gone and they'd be in court. There is no excuse for their dog to be running the neighborhood. I have a dog of my own that I can't trust for one minute around my own chickens, let alone someone else. My whole yard is fenced with chain link and he stays put. So make sure they are aware when you get your chickens and tell them nicely that their dog needs to stay on his property....Good luck !


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Feb 11, 2008
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Get your chickens and keep them in your yard. It's their responsibility to keep their dumb dog in their yard. Shoot it if you have too, and hold them liable for any damages the dog causes. If they can't keep the dog in their yard, they shouldn't have it.


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Apr 10, 2008
Gold Hill, Alabama
We live on 11 acres. When we were financially able to we built our chicken pen. We do not live in the city limits and there is no dog leash law where I am. But before my chickens were out in the pen, I let my neighbors know that they were there and if any dog other than my own bothered them I would shoot the dog. It probably wasn't the smartest thing I ever did, but I came to agreement with one neighbor, he let his dogs run until late afternoon. Then I would let my chickens run from 3:00PM till dark. It worked great, my other neighbors not so nice, but they keep there dog on their property. My state has a very strong livestock law. Their dog can not bother my chickens with out major restitution.


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Mar 14, 2009
Wow, I am glad I am not in the wrong here. I talked to 2 of our other neighbors and asked if they would mind.. they laughed and said if I minded animals I would have built in the city...BTW he is a vet LOL and said he is making a chicken coop himself... his land is right across the road from this said neighbor.

Wait until they find out... HA HA HA They said we are going to stiink them out. "We didn't build this 400K house to have chicken poop around... WELL SNOB we didn't build here so we would have to deal with all of the city crapola.

Yeah, the dog has gotten shot at 2 times from my hubbie. He missed on purpose to scare it off. He was showing teeth and scared my three little ones with is hackle raised... My baby is only 18 months and my husband said if that dog comes around here again I will kill it and throw it in the creek...DEAL WITH IT!

An aside, we life 90 acres away from these people... SO I figure it is their problem.


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Feb 25, 2009
Colchester, Illinois
It sounds like your neighbors just need a little education regarding the chickens. If the only thing someone has seen is factory chicken farming (for eggs or meat) then they would be concerned about the smell. Perhaps you can talk to them to tell them that a few chickens won't make a bad smell and that you will be using the manure for composting (and maybe offer to share if that seems appropriate, although it sounds like they might not appreciate the value of chicken manure!).

As far as their dog goes, it sounds like you might need to report that to someone or have a very serious discussion with them. A neighbor's dog growling at my kids would seriously piss me off, let alone if it were going after one of my pets.

Check your local laws regarding leashes and protection of livestock and all that, but you should seriously talk to them. Do they KNOW that their dog was threatening your children and your dog? I imagine that if the dog bit anyone, the state/county/township whatever could legally euthanize the dog. If you can mention that to them without it sounding threatening it might help. It isn't really a threat, anyway. If anything happened to your kids, they would have more to worry about than losing a family pet, I'm sure! But maybe kill them with kindness, even if you have to fake it. Pretend you are concerned about their dog and the possibility that they could lose their pet if the dog were to bite or hurt anyone (or livestock, if that is the case in your area).

I am sure you can come to some kind of agreement if you try to talk and work it out with them. In the meantime I would make sure your chickens will be safe from the neighbor's dog and any other dogs that could wander onto your property.

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