Can I mix 2 shipments

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8 Years
May 23, 2011
South Western WI
that are shipped a week apart in the same brooder? I am getting some chicks this week and my second order will be here next week sometime. Is it okay that these chicks are a week difference in age and that I put them in the same brooder when the ones come next week? Will they peck at eachother or will they get along fine? My first shipment this week will have 6 chicks and next week I will be getting 8 more....

They are all standard layers, none are bantems....
Yes you can! Ive done it many times and never had any issues of pecking. As long there are treats out there, and no weak chicks, you are good to go and for that many, they would not matter. If you were getting four chicks or less, it may be a problem.

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