Can I mix chick breeds?


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May 28, 2011
Hello all, I am brand new to raising chickens and just got 3 OEG bantams about 3 weeks ago. They are now 5 weeks old and are great. I'm looking at getting 2 Silver Sebright Bantam chicks and I was wondering if they'll all get along ok if I put them in the same coop? I believe the Sebrights are about 3 weeks old. Thoughts from the more experienced?

I'd put up a wire separation panel to start out with, and let them get a good look at each other for a few days. Sometimes the OEGBs are territorial even at a young age, so introducing new birds might backfire. If you see a lot of pacing back and forth in front of the wire, glaring, and pecking at the ground, be wary: those are territorial displays. If they're ignoring each other, then after a couple of days I'd remove the panel, but watch the little rascals very closely for at least a day. Even if they're all babies together, there still will be a pecking order, and adding new birds means that the whole pecking order goes all to heck and has to be sorted out all over again. This can mean some chicks getting injured, even though they're very young.
It isnt the fact that they are different breeds, but more a problem with mixing ages.
People seem to raise all fowl together, ducks, chickens, turkeys, etc.
Anytime you introduce some new, feathers will fly. and you must protect the littler ones.

Thats why I like to hatch with a hen. she does the introductions, and keeps them safe.
i have four different breeds, they have been together since i brought them home from the feed store. Plus i introduced two new ones (same age as my current group) who were weird breeds today with no problems.
i think it partly has to do with breed/temperaments when introducing younger ones too. i've got a 1 month old silkie who was become a "mom" to my 9 several day olds and for the most part she's great with them. only runs over them once and a while... lets them sleep with her at night, lol! one especially she's taken a liking to, they are always right next to each other.
idk anything about the breeds you have though...

one the other hand i've got a polish hen that no matter what you do, she's gonna beat the new chicken into the ground! even the rooster didn't stand a chance against her... poor guy got his ego shot down just a bit...
I have a group of 4, very motley bunch, all about the same age, they all get along great- Phoenix, Cochin, Wyandotte, Sussex

I also have OEGBs. My hens mix well with others, but the roos need to be kept separate. They are very proud, and can be a bit territorial when it comes to other chickens. Love'm though, they are sweet with people for sure.
I am an eclectic chicken keeper; I have multiple breeds of both Bantam and Large Fowl chickens all mixed together in my flock. Plus, my flock has a surfeit of roosters, both bantam and LF, and there aren't any fights. There are a few "demonstrations" of rooster prowess through the flaring of neck feathers, chest bumping and the occasional kick. Nothing more than some feathers flying ever happened.

I DO take two weeks for integration when putting older chicks outside; the main flock can see the chicks through the temporary pen and get pretty used to them when I finally remove the temporary fence.
Just got my 2 Silver Sebrights. They are 4 weeks old. Amazing the size difference between these 2 new chicks and my 3 OEG bantams that are almost 6 weeks old. I'm keeping them separated for a few days and then I'll try and see what happens when I put them together. Wish me luck!

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