Can I move 3 week old Chicks to Garage with Lamp - Low Temp outside is 37 degrees

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Derby18, Mar 1, 2013.

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    Feb 25, 2013
    Can I move my 3 week old chicks out to an insulated garage with a heat lamp? Lows this week range from 40 to 34 (towards the end of the week). I have them in the bathroom now, they are in a stock tank. I can cover the side without the lamp to insulate a bit more. I will monitor for any signs of chilling (excessive chirping and piling up under the lamp). Thanks.....another newbie first two weeks with chicks [​IMG]
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    Sure, why not? If that lamp is good enough to keep a hot spot at like 90F, no reason they can't go out. My chicks are brooded in a 4x4 brooder from day one without insulation and it sometimes in the spring with them outside. I just use 2 100W bulbs for the first week, then turn down the temp with a dimmer switch. Only reason I use two bulbs is in case one goes out.
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    Mine have been out in our garage all winter. Different groups, as they come out of the hatcher. We give them a few days to dry in the basement, get to drinking and eating, but then? Out to the covered grow out pen in the garage. We've had nights in single digits out there and they've done just fine.

    If your chicks are 3 weeks, the hot spot need only be 80 and they'll do just fine.


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