Can I move my ladies outside ?


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Mar 8, 2014
Middle Grove , NY
Hello all!
This is our first year raising chicks. Our girls are now 6-7 weeks old and I am just finishing up their coop. Should be done tomorrow.
I removed the heat lamp a few days ago and they have been fine without it. Today is a beautiful day outside (about 70) so I moved their brooder to the front porch. They are loving it outside !
We live in upstate NY and our weather is still a bit touchy this time of year. Tomorrow will be another beautiful day but mid week it's supposed to dip back down to the mid 50s to low 60s durring the day and nights will be high 20s to mid 30s.
Do you think that they will be ok at these temps? With or without he heat lamp?

Thanks !
At that age, they should be fine if they look fully feathered. I'd give them plenty of hay or other bedding to snuggle into. I would not put heat there, though. Let them get accustomed to the outdoors. Or, you could leave the brooder on the front porch for a night or two, to get them acclimated to outdoor temps a little more gradually, assuming it would be a bit warmer and less windy than the coop.
Yes they are (or at least look) fully feathered. I was thinking about the brooked on the porch idea as well for the night. Tonight and tomorrow night is supposed to be 55+ and 70s during the day. Then down to 27 on Tuesday night. I should have the coop finished for Tuesday night though.

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