Can I move the brooder into the garage?


5 Years
Apr 24, 2014
We have our chicks in the basement right now, with a heat lamp of course. But the dust is starting to get to me, and I have 2 small children who are playing close to the brooder. Do you think it's okay to put them in the garage? The temps at night are in the upper 30's, and 50's during the day. As long as the lamp keeps it 90-100 deg in the brooder, do you think that's okay? I don't want the sanitation issue in my house anymore!


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Feb 5, 2009
South Georgia
I don't blame you. I have brooded in the house. Never again! I can't believe I allowed all that dust in the house. As long as they are warm, there is no reason why not. You may have to do something to prevent drafts or something -- it just depends on your setup -- but you will figure it out, I'm sure.

Let me show you this thread, where day old chicks were brooded in a shed or garage at northern US winter tiemps, quite successfully:

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