Can i put ducks in with lone tom?


In the Brooder
Jul 24, 2017
South Georgia
Something been picking off my ducks like crazy all i have left is 1 drake and 5 females i have a cover pen with a lone tome in it all the hens i had got out and haven't came back. Still looking for a female for him. Will he attack or hurt the ducks? I don't have anywhere else to put them hes really sweet with me and my ducks are not one to attack anything. But I'm scared he'll go after them. The pen is pretty big. Any advice would be helpful
Turkeys are fine until they aren't. Once a turkey decides to go after something it doesn't stop. Some are fine with other poultry and some aren't. I always keep my turkeys separately just because they can harass and even kill other poultry species. It just depends on if you want to risk it or not.

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