Can I put feed store chicks under my broody hen who has been sitting 19 days and hopped in wrong nes


10 Years
Oct 5, 2009
Parthenon, Arkansas
I have a broody hen and this is her second time setting. The first time 5 months ago she sat through fine and raised healthy chicks. She has been setting for 19 days and must have become confused and got in the wrong nesting box so her eggs were stone cold when I got home. I don't separate her cause she was soooo good and knowing her box (she probably got out and another gal got in to lay and when her spot was taken moved to the next). I don't want to put a new set of eggs under her cause it's so hard on them to go for 3 weeks, much less 6.

My question: Will a hen normally accept some other chicks (under 4 days old) if they are put under her at night? I would like for her to be able to break her brood and raise her chicks and not start over.

Thank you!


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