Can I raise Marans, EEs and Welsummers this way?

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My neighbors all have vegetable gardens along the road where I live. There is no way to keep my chickens out of their yards. My neighbors would be OK with the chickens walking, scratching and doing chicken stuff IF THEY WOULD LEAVE THE GARDENS ALONE!

They all have the most beautiful and productive vegetable gardens. Because of our warm winters, we are able to garden year-round. I remember from my years on the farm what chickens can do to a garden!

If I build a coop/run tractor set-up, with about 10 sq, ft. per bird, (10 chickens-120 sq. ft.) and NEVER let the chickens out to roam free, will the chickens suffer?
I think your chickens will be fine in a tractor with 10 sq ft per bird, plus you will be able to move it around so they can be in new parts of the yard. My chickens destroyed my garden last year so this year we are fencing it in!, they wont suffer....I have 24 hens that are contained and they lay faithfully. I do supply them with green stuff (alfalfa pellets, vegetable scraps, weeds, etc) and nary one of them has complained...on the contrary, they gather at the gate when I arrive.
The yard is such that I will be ALWAYS able to place the tractor over very lush greenery that the chickens should enjoy.

Is there a breed of chicken that I should not raise under these conditions?

What are some things that I can grow that the birds would get maximum benefit from.
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