Can I start eggs now and add more tomorrow?


6 Years
Aug 10, 2013
Got my incubator (Hova 1602N) a few days ago, started it up and its holding a nice temp of 101... Been gathering eggs for 7 days and I'm only waiting for 12 shipped eggs that should be here tomorrow. Question, can I go ahead and start what I have here and add the others tomorrow evening (after I allow them to rest that is, I'll get them by 9am) or should I just be patient and wait for the shipped eggs?
Waiting for the shipped eggs would probably be best, but there are a lot of us that put eggs in the incubator as we get them

I have two incubators going at the same time, one for incubating and one for hatching. I candle my eggs every 10 days, take out the ones that won't hatch and add as many more as possible

Welcome to the world of chickens.............WARNING...............hatching is addictive
Oh my goodness, My family is getting tired of hearing me talk about it I am sure!! LOL, Hubby and I have been married 26 years and one of my biggest gripes has always been that once he gets his head set on something thats all he talks about.. He told me the other day he was sorry for putting me through that lolololol....

OK, so lets say I put the eggs in sometime today and get the others tomorrow and check the air cells and allow them to rest for 12 hours, candle them again and them put them day 10 when I candle to remove the non starters If any of the shipped eggs are clear i would give them one more day correct?? and of course there is lockdown... Would I need to hold off one day more for lockdown or would the day late eggs be ok??
I candle everything every 10 days, one day difference in the development will not make any difference. Any egg that is not showing any development at 10 days is a dud.

My whole family thinks I am nuts!!!!!!!!!! My boyfriend likes to see the peepies when they come out to be put in the brooder, but after that they are just chickens
Ok then, I'll hold off putting in my eggs til this evening, that way they only have a one day headstart and not a day and a half and I'll have a few more fresh eggs today to add... YEAHHHH!! I'm here and I'm so exited!!

One more question, Ive candled my eggs (hubby made me a home made candler and its awsome) I think I am having trouble seeing the air sack, I can see the yolk of course moving around as I turn the egg but is the air sack the clear space above the yolk??

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