Can I still visit the site even though I no longer have my ladies?


13 Years
Apr 29, 2010
I am very sad. I miss my chickens and my everyday egg gathering. I miss feeding my girls table scraps and treats. I miss how they come running when i call and gather around talking. i miss watching them take dust baths and chase eachother around the yard. I even miss finding them in my kitchen after one of the kiddos leaves the back door open! We had to move to a condo and i had to sell my girls. It has been three days and I do not like that i can't hear their egg song or their constant bantor outside my windows. I was at the feed store yesterday for my dog and there was this man who was standing by the cicken feed looking really confused. I asked if he needed some help and the i saw the relief on his face when he exclaimed YES PLEASE! I remember how "knowledable" feed store employees had helped me so i was really excited to pass on my knowledge. I spent the next 1/2 hour going over everything with him from food and bedding to the beauty of DE and the importance of grit and oyster shell. He left with a cart full and a lot of knowledge as well as the BYC website in his pocket for future reference.

I will also miss BYC! You have all been such a help through illness, through egg questions, and random ponderings about chickens, recipies, and much, much more! Thank you all so much! I will miss you all so much. I was hoping i could stop in every now and then and say hi or see how everyone's girls are doing. again thank you so much for everything.
Darn.. sorry that you had to give up your girls..

But please DO stay around here!
For sure stick around. We love having people here to talk chicken, with or without current chickens!

And you can live vicariously through others, or get enabled by one of our city dwelling chicken keepers.
I think you just need to take a deep breath & re-group your thoughts! Let's see,....Condo huh?...... Hmmmm...... Got it!..... You need Seramas! They can & are being kept inside! Problem solved! WELCOME BACK TO CHICKEN WORLD!!!
I agree about Seramas. I have several and they are quiet and fabulous for indoors- mine are outside, but I wouldn't hesitate to have them inside in a heartbeat. If you need one, they are easy to sex and Revolutionmama has Silkied and Frizzled as well as flat-feathered.
I still do, but instead of chickens I have cadbury bunnies. Want a caramel egg?
JK - it's official! I'm giving you half of my flock! You can just keep them here at my place & I'll send you pictures and updates whenever you need them!!! Take your pick from my signature, below!

Big hug! Don't even think of leaving!

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