can I successfully incubate guinea eggs taken from the nest?


6 Years
Sep 21, 2013
we found ( well, our dog found) our last remaining guinea hen's nest out in the lot in some weeds. We hadn't see her for probably close to 2 weeks but can't remember for certain how long it had been. we took the eggs and put them in the incubator because if the dog didn't get them the cold would. September in South Dakota is not a good time to be hatching babies! So, we have no solid idea on how long these eggs have been set so we don't know when we should be looking for hatching, when to lock down etc. we candled about half of them and there is pretty good size growth in them. Whether or not that growth is still alive is still to be determined. (unless someone knows a trick to finding that out! we're pretty new to all of this excitement!) So I guess my question is what do we do now. they've been in the incubator for 4 days. we turn them 3 times a day. would love to hear everyone's thoughts and experiences! thanks!

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