can i take them

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6 Years
Aug 21, 2013
I had a perfect hatch of 5/5 chicks the mum was really good and i didn't need to help any of them they are now a week and 1/2 and she is getting really agressive towards me and anything i can't touch the chicks at all and i want them to be tame i was wondering can i take them away from her at 5 or 4 weeks? or would she get deprested and go crazy cause i really want these chicks to be tame and when i can;t get them tame with an over pretective mother it's not good.
It would be better to leave them with the hen until she weans them and then start taming them. Most broodies wean their chicks when they are around 7 weeks old, some a bit sooner, some a bit later. Give Mom a chance to introduce the little ones to the flock and get them used to the chicks and accept them while they are still with her and under her protection. This will make things easier for them later on.
Ok thanks can I stop her aggression because I really want to be able to hold them are all hens really aggressive?
Some broody hens are more aggressive than others. Aggressiveness isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it means she's very protective, but it could be a pain in certain circumstances, like yours. Spend as much time as possible with them and encourage her and the chicks to eat from your hands, treats especially. Teach the chicks to associate you with good things. Then when she's weaned them you won't be a stranger to them and hopefully the hen wouldn't have put them off LOL
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