Can I tell what color a chick will be when she grows up?


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Mar 5, 2009
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I was just at the TSC drooling over chicks - ours don't come in to our local mom & pop feed store until April I was just there to look at them.

I got to wondering, I know what breeds I'm getting from our feed store now - a Barred Rock, an Americauna and a Buff Orpington. We can only have 3 hens, so those are the 3 breeds I've finally picked.

I'm sure I'll be able to pick out the BO and the BR since they're selling those specific birds and I'm sure they'll all look the same.

But the Americauna - don't they come in quite a few different colors? Can I tell by looking at a day-old chick what color of a hen she'll turn into once she gets her feathers? Is there a trick to this?

Just today in the "random pullets" bucket there were black and grey, grey and white, and yellow chicks. I don't know enough about how that fuzzy chick fluff translates into adult feathers.

Any tips for me?


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Gosh, I have no idea, but my immediate response was no you can't tell. I am guessing that if the EE (the are probably EE's - feed stores do not seem to have true Ameraucana's) chick is dark yellow and cute little spots on the side it will grow up dark, almost black, with bronze ticking on the ends of the feathers.

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