Can I Temporarily Separate Chicks from Mom?


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
Hi! I am very new to this wonderful forum as a poster, but have been using its info ever since we got our first flock!

My 7 year old wants to take two of our new peeps (almost two weeks old) to school (or have me take them) to *briefly* show the class. I would be there protecting them and overseeing and it would not be for very long, but my concern is the reintegration of these peeps with their brothers and sisters back home. Will their mom reject them if they have been separated for an hour or so? Is it worth it? Please forgive my ignorance!

THANKS SO VERY MUCH! You all are so wonderfully helpful and supportive! javascript:insert_text('
I have three chicks and I took one to show my friends and Momma had no trouble taking her back after a few hours of separation. The chick no likee being away from Momma however and peeped a lot!
Thank you! I feel much better about agreeing to this! Will harden heart and deal with plaintive peeping
and make sure they get home to mama within an hour or so! Thank you!!!!
When my kids were in elementary, I spent an entire afternoon taking a friendly banty cochin and her small brood to every class in the building. The kids-- and teachers-- were fascinated. I used a small box to carry them and spread newspaper and a little bit of food when I took her out. Young chicks don't go far from mama.
AS for time away from mama, DD and I took chicks to Chickenstock and had them away all day. All the mamas took them back that evening with no problem. Some chicks don't listen well to mama anyway and spend time away wandering.
Just wanted to report back to all those who helped us! Five chicks went out and were gently-but-enthusiastically handled by first graders and all back safe sound and (if I dont say) a little bit more hand-friendly. Total Success! Thank you all!!!!

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