Can i use chinchilla dust for chickens


I'm sorry, but a "clean" dust bath is an oxymoron. It's the dirt part of the bathing that is needed to keep feathers healthy and parasites down.
Chickens like to take dust baths so i wanted a clean way for them to do so. i thought mabe chinchilla dust would be a safe solution
I wondering that too! I have silkies and it rains all the time during Oregon winters! So this might be a great idea!


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I believe it’s lava dust. Chinchillas are from a volcanic area and they can’t get wet similar to chickens

Oh chickens can get wet, they just don't necessarily care for it. :p

Not sure if the chinchilla dust is ok for chickens but I don't see any harm in testing it out and seeing if they like it or not. Might need to be mixed in with heavier matter so it doesn't just go flying everywhere
OMG, I bought that same product, It wasn't cheap, chickens didn't use it!! I thought that during winter they wanted to dust bathe, hard to do with FROZEN Earth and SNOW, They like DIRT better... it was a WASTE of my money.

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