Can I use it?

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    I heard a noise out back yesterday afternoon and went out to see. I found the farmer who owns the fields above my house pulled up in his tractor feeding my chickens some shucked corn. We talked for a while and then he offered me the "leftovers" in his fields that the corn chopper missed(which is a lot) for my chickens. He said he’d tried to fix one of the blades but it kept getting stuck or whatever and leaving twenty or thirty stalks of corn at a time knocked down, but intact.

    Can I use it for my chickens? I thought better to ask since I don’t know.
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    Yes. Glean his feilds well. You will save yourself a lot of money.
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    Thanks a lot! I wasn't sure about the type if cow corn was different or whatever. I didn't think so, but better to ask for sure. I did one garden cart load this morning. Got the kids coming this afternoon and we'll do some more!! [​IMG]

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