Can I use rice vinegar to can pickles?

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    Using Rice Vinegar for canning pickles - can it be done safely with added citric acid or glacial acetic acid? Alternately, where can I find rice vinegar diluted to 5% and not 4.3%?

    I can't find any reasonably priced 5% acidity Rice Vinegar, everything is either 4.3% or its 10$ for 200ml at Whole Foods (5% O Olive Oil brand). I'd need at least 4 cups.

    Would it be possible to add citric acid to the canning brine or even Glacial Acetic Acid to up the acidity? It's easy to get citric acid, and acetic acid is an amazon order away - however, it only seems to be sold for sterilization or non-food use which doesn't inspire confidence.

    Canning vinegars need to be at least 5% to prevent bacteria, and I'd like to make a batch that I can store in the pantry - instead of in the fridge (which is OK to use 4.x%).

    Could I use mostly rice vinegar and add plain white without losing the flavor?
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    Interesting info...
    I dont have any advice for ya though... sorry.. [​IMG]

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