Can i use shredded paper

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    It's the best way to keep from having your identity stolen if you ask me. We shred all our tax/banking docs and mix it in with the pine shavings, between the birds and the subsequent time in the composter/digester you can't ask for a better way to disappear sensitive documents except maybe a fire.
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    I have access to huge bags of shredded paper all the time so I was considering it as well. I remember seeing a comment on these forums about it not being the best because it traps and hold moisture. A bedding that is able to remain dryer is preferable. Still I did not see anything that said not to use it just that it is not the best choice. With truck loads of it available to me on a daily basis I'm thinkin free is better than convenient.
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    Quote:same here. I've used it for years. No issues.I think it is less smelly then shavings, it seems to wick the moisture and dry out quickly. I put several layers of newspaper down and then can roll everything up and dump. I use mostly newspaper, but use shredded office paper when I have it.


    ETA I fill the coop up to about 12 inches deep. It is flattened within a couple days.
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    IMP, good thoughts on the newspaper. I may look into it myself. I am taking a gardening class right now, and as we discussed the topic of compost, newspaper was brought up as a good compost item and the ink is now made of soy... so safe for gardens/chickens I would assume.
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    Glad to see this thread I was wondering just the other day about mixing shredded news paper in with straw and or pine shavings to cut down on the cost and make it go further. Has anybody used it in a mix for deep litter? I was thinking I would use all 3 with the DE in my deep litter, mix with shavings for my brooder, and just stick with straw in the nests.
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    Quote:Yes I use paper with a deep liter system. Not that I wouldn't prefer to clean it regularly, it's just that my compost pile is buried under 4 feet of snow [​IMG]

    I alternate between short shredded paper from the local bank, pine shavings, and alfalfa hay. (the alfalfa is mostly for the birds to pick through but it has really helped my litter too. In previous years with deep liter using pine only, they don't scratch through the waste and mix it all up. By giving them something to scratch at, it all gets mixed in real good.
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    So it's okay to use, but it's not the BEST bedding!
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    Mrs. Fluffy Puffy :

    So it's okay to use, but it's not the BEST bedding!

    When I tried it exclusively, it didn't work very well. In a mix, I have had no problems with sticking to toes or wet conditions (I have that issue once in a while no matter what I do [​IMG] ) Never noticed anyone eating it as others have stated [​IMG]
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    From time to time I use shredded newspaper in the coops. Seems to work ok.
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    I'll have to try it. [​IMG]

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